Shelby Mustang

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Asphalt 8 Airborne


The Ford Shelby GT500 is a mid Class B car with the following statistics:

  • Starting rank: 1351
  • MAX rank: 1504 (+153)
  • MAX+PRO rank: 1602 (+98)
  • Tuning Kit bonus: +35
  • Stock to MAX+PRO difference: 251
  • Nitro Efficiency: 7/13/17
  • Upgrade rank Percentages: 7/60/7/26


The GT500 cannot properly compare with cars within its immediate vicinity. The Rinspeed zaZen, Honda Integra Type-R and Shelby Cobra 427, for example, all have much higher Tuning Kit bonuses, while having practically identical final ranks. These cars all also possess higher rates of acceleration, longer-lasting nitro boosts and superior handling, making them all much more formidable in Multiplayer than the GT500.

In fact, the GT500 is so under-performing that the Mercedes-Benz Biome, another Class B car with a final rank 12 points lower, can easily outrun the GT500 when both are at MAX + PRO. Overall, the main cause of the GT500’s relatively low performance is its inclusion in the original version of the game; other cars were added afterwards, with the GT500 essentially acting like a minimum stats-requirement that the cars were (and are) obligated to pass in order to be moved to high-end Class B. Of course, all of these cars outperform the GT500 as a result of this, and so, the GT500 is now mostly obsolete stat-wise.

The GT500’s stats, based on an individual analysis, can be said to be quite well-rounded, nonetheless. The GT500 has a relatively high raw top speed stat, albeit slightly lower than that of the Ferrari 458 Italia, while possessing a relatively low nitro stat. The GT500 can be said to have a decent nitro efficiency of 7/13/17, though this is far outshined by the incredibly high nitro efficiencies of 6/8/11 and 4/8/12 of the GT500’s two closest neighbors. The GT500’s drifting radius and handling could use some improvement, with both statistics being inferior when compared to the Ferrari 458 Italia; however, the GT500 is certainly comfortable to drive regardless, with no real huge downside in both respective aspects. The GT500’s rate of acceleration/launch is not the highest, but can certainly be said to be good.

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Performance-wise, the GT500 can clearly not compete in any way with most of its neighbors. Both its usability in terms of the final performance, something that would be relevant to Time-Limited Events, and its usability in terms of Multiplayer, are inferior to the surrounding cars.

However, the GT500 still remains one of the most popular Class B cars to date, and for a very good reason. The main reason is that its price is far lower than many of these formidable cars surrounding it. For a novice player, the GT500 can give them a taste of what some high-performing Class B cars can be like. The Rinspeed zaZen, which has now been removed from the game, costs upwards of  600,000, as does the Audi R8 LMS Ultra. The Ferrari F40 costs upwards of  500,000, while the Mercedes-Benz Biome and Honda Integra Type-R both cost upwards of

. Meanwhile, the Shelby Cobra 427 is practically impossible to obtain for novices, with game-time needing to be a minimum of roughly fifteen pure days (360 pure hours) or four-eight months in order for the car to be unlocked, as it is only found through Mastery Challenges as the reward for unlocking  1,050. Other surrounding cars can cost either Blueprints or (Tokens), making them relatively difficult to obtain as well.

Especially for a novice player, the GT500 can remain a top performing Class B car for a good price, that is very appealing. It is useful for Career Mode, as an entry car into Time-Limited Events for Class B, and as a part of several Collections. However, it does suffer from an inefficient Season 9: Beyond race set in Tokyo Reverse.

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The GT500 had an initial buying price of  85,000 that has since been increased to  2,150. It was later increased to  3,150 in the 2019 Spring Update.

As of the 2019 Spring Update, upgrades cost  1,020,000 while Pro Kits require  341,600, 16 of each Class B Part, 12 Initial & Early Techs each, 24 Mid-Techs and 24 Forced-Induction V8s.


Introduced at the 2005 New York International Auto Show, the Ford Shelby GT500 is a muscle car and it uses a 5.4 L (330 CID) Modular 507 PS (500 bhp; 370 kW) supercharged V8 engine. Features include the Tremec TR-6060 6-speed manual transmission, suspension tuning, a different rear wing, a body kit, and 18-inch wheels. Deliveries of the Shelby GT500 began in May 2006. The Ford Shelby GT500 has ended production in 2014 and Ford’s future SVT range are the Focus ST, Focus RS, Fiesta ST, Ford GT, F-150 SVT Raptor and the Shelby GT350 which the cars will arrive in 2015 and 2016 to replace Ford’s current SVT vehicles. The Ford Focus ST and the Fiesta ST will remain the same but they will go through a facelift.

A collaboration of Ford’s Special Vehicle Team (SVT) and Carroll Shelby, the GT500 was produced in limited quantity for three years (approximately 10,000 units per year) on the line at Ford’s Flat Rock, Michigan (AutoAlliance) assembly facility.

Салон Ford Shelby GR

   Вверх и вперед открывающиеся двери будут обеспечивать доступ в салон, внешний вид которого создавался под впечатлением спортивно-гоночных суперкаров. Ковшеобразные кресла из углеволокна обладают сменной вставкой с индивидуальной подгонкой. Вся конструкция кабины сосредотачивается на комфорте водителя, комфорте пользования системами управления и информационными компонентами.

Технические особенности Ford Shelby GR

   Обновленный алюминиевый V-10, который обладает мощностью в 606 лошадиных сил, и у которого крутящий момент равен 685 Нм, подает усилие на 6-скоростную коробку передач, она размещена в задней части машины, в одном блоке с основной передачей. В отличие от многих концепткаров, которые были представлены на автошоу, с расчетными (теоретическими) особенностями максимальной скорости и динамики, Ford Shelby GR-1 на самом деле может разогнаться до ста км/ч за 3,9 секунды, превосходя наибольшую скорость в 322 километров в час (во время отключенной электронной функции ограничения наибольшей скорости).

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Тест драйв Ford Shelby GR

   Стартует автомобиль с рывком, очень быстро ускоряется до 270км/ч на прямой дороге. Из поворота на выходе машина срывается в занос, но плюс в том, что ее легко выровнять. На повороте Ford Shelby GR-1 сильно начинает скользить (В режиме Sport и Driving aid. В режимах off  и HyperSport необходимо все же осторожничать). Но на больших скоростях бывает и недостаточная поворотливость. В городской среде, с комфортом можно ездить и на четвертой передаче.

   Во время тест-драйва по острову на Форд Шелби ГР в режиме Sport на одной гонке авто финишировал первым, с временем 46.43.22 (применялась ручная КПП). За первое Шелбия боролся с Макларен F1, однако в конце гонки все же неплохо отстал. В слип-стриме, перемещаясь за ним, удалось набрать 375 км/ч. Без него Шелби держит на прямой планку скорости, приблизительно на уровне 342 км/ч. На большой скорости GR-1 устойчив, полностью соответствует гоночному автомобилю. Коробка передач забирает много времени на переключение. Тормоза вполне нормальные. 

  На резких поворотах постоянно необходимо переходить на первую передачу. Однако Шелби ГР-1 на удивление ведет себя довольно послушно. Большинство поворотов заносит автомобиль в легкий занос.

    Но к всеобщему сожалению Ford Shelby GR не вошел в массовое производство. Возможно, это связано с тем, что финансовое положение компании Форд не совсем на высоком уровне, хотя может руководство просто передумало, засомневались в успехе данного проекта. 

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